The eUP Project is UP President Alfredo Pascual’s flagship project which aims to harmonize and modernize the ICT infrastructure of all the constituent universities across the UP System. The University Computer Center has the pivotal role of assisting the Information Technology Development Center (ITDC) in migrating core, system-wide services into their responsibility.

The migration plan consist of the following services:

  • Hosting of System-related sites including UP’s web page  – Success (as of October 2012)
  • DNS migration of UP.EDU.PH – Success (as of October 2012)
  • LDAP migration to ITDC – requirements given as of September 2012
  • Migration of Document Management System – Success (as of February 2013)
  • Migration of UP Webmail ( – Success (as of June 2013)
  • Migration of Docutrak to ITDC – January 2014  (Date given by ITDC)

The University Computer Center has also contributed to the success of various eUP-related projects in UP Diliman, namely

  • Assisting in the purchase of new network equipment for UP Diliman
  • Designing and drafting of specifications for the UP Diliman Fiber Optic Backbone Project Upgrade (in coordination with the Office of the Campus Architect and ITDC).
  • Submission of eUP-related ICT surveys for the core eUP Team to assess ICT conditions for each constituent unit.