Student Assistant Applicants pose in front of the Computer Center with Helpdesk head Wilzhar Maquinta

Last November 19, 2019, seventeen applicants finished their final written and practical exams for the Diliman Network Helpdesk Applicants’ Training course. This course is a nearly three-month training programme designed to teach would-be student assistants basic computer network concepts and troubleshooting, helpdesk case logging and assistance over telephone and email, and other tasks needed to be a Diliman Network Helpdesk Student Assistant.

Given the highly technical nature of the job, the University Computer Center has one of the most comprehensive training modules in order to produce highly skilled student assistants that may match competencies of entry-level network technicians or network administrators in the local industry today.

The final list of applicants who will become Student Assistants will be announced by the first week of December 2019.